It begins…

Posted in Uncategorized on November 7, 2012 by eosmialo

Greetings Inspector!  I am Magos Elspeth.  Welcome to Manufactorum Brandis.  I assume you are here to check on the status of the latest Power Armor order?  Follow me, please…


Welcome to my costuming blog.  It was started primarily to chronicle the progress on the Power Armor costumes my husband and I are oh so slowly working on.  Well, they’re still in the planning stages at the moment, but I figured starting the blog would gets us working on the costumes sooner.  This will be a LONG term project, so updates will probably be slow to be added.

First up on the costume list is Space Wolf scout armor for him and a Howling Banshee costume for me.  After that, I plan to make myself a full suit of Assault Marine power armor (yes, jump pack included).  It’s entirely possible we’ll get sidetracked into making other costumes along the way (rumor has it we’re going to attending the next Privateer Press con and entering the costume contest), so I’ll be adding info about those as well.

I’ve never really had a blog before, so hopefully someone finds this interesting, even if it just ends up being notes for me.

Next post will be pictures of what we’re planning to make!


Well, are you pleased with the progress, Inspector?  It will likely be awhile before your order is ready, but I assure you the Mechanicum is working with all diligence to complete it as soon as possible.  If you plan to stay here until we are ready to ship, I will have my assistant find you some quarters.  Perhaps you would enjoy something with a view of the main assembly floor?  Right this way.